Natural remedies for cholesterol

High Cholesterol increases the risk of coronary heart disease that will eventually lead to heart attack. People suffering from high Cholesterol levels need to bring the level down. The main causes of high Cholesterol levels can be attributed to bad eating habits, smoking and drinking. One needs to bring the Cholesterol levels under control.

An optimum Cholesterol level is required to provide a defense mechanism for the protection of the red blood cells and muscular membrane of the body. Over a period of time, as there were developments in the medical fields, doctors were able to prescribe natural remedies to control the Cholesterol levels. Let’s take a look at the remedies in detail.

Evening primrose oil

As per a recent study, it has been proved that evening primrose oil is effective in controlling Cholesterol levels. It is available for consumption as supplements in the form of capsules or liquid form.

Red rice yeast

Red rice yeast is another natural supplement that helps lower Cholesterol levels. It contains naturally occurring statins that form prescription drugs, used to control Cholesterol levels.

Dietary soluble fiber

There are numerous studies that confirm Dietary soluble fiber found in oats, beans and psyllium helps lower Cholesterol levels.


It has been proved that Lecithin, either in the form of capsules or granules helps in reducing the Cholesterol levels by preventing fats from accumulating in the arteries.

To conclude, the number of people suffering from high Cholesterol levels is on the rise worldwide. The main reasons for this increase can be attributed to bad eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking. People need to do the needful to bring the Cholesterol level under control as a high Cholesterol level may eventually lead to a heart attack. As we all know a heart attack can be fatal. Therefore, it is prudent, one tries to reduce the high Cholesterol level and be on the safer side. Thanks to advances in medicine, there are natural remedies available to bring down Cholesterol levels and all of the above remedies listed above have positive results and the number of patients that have benefited is really impressive.  Over the next few years as medical science advances even further, we can expect to have more options to treat high Cholesterol levels. However, a natural remedy is always a safe option and people will continue to prefer the natural way to treating high Cholesterol levels.